Have you ever gotten to a point where you were so deeply unhappy and yet you couldn’t quite pinpoint why? We all have our problems, things in our life that aren’t perfect. We think we should be able to deal with them, accept them, focus on everything we have to be grateful for. We think, “Who am I to complain? So many people have it so much worse.” You go through the motions, try to fill your free time with things that should make you happy, self-medicate and numb your feelings in the ways you know how, yet the depression and anxiety continue to build. You don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, you don’t want to socialize, your relationship starts to fall apart, you drink too much, you’re in deep pain more often than not, and yet you can’t quite figure out what’s at the base of it all. This goes on for months, and it’s a rollercoaster, not a constant state. Some moments you’re up, and then the descent begins again. You think you’re fine for a while, but then the darkness creeps back in and then one day, finally, you snap.

Sound familiar? No? Yes? Is it just me? One thing that has helped me rebuild myself time and time again is the knowledge that I’m not alone. When I’m down in the depth of another depressive period, I remember that countless others have been where I am. Some have survived it, others have not. But I know I can, I have before, and the reward is worth the struggle. Can you see the light at the top of the deep, dark pit? Maybe just a glimpse? You might not think you can get there, but maybe I can help. We’ll climb out together. We’ll reach the top. And then we’ll build a life worth living. A life of light, love and liberation. I can’t promise you’ll never feel this way again, but I can be there for you, and more importantly I can teach you how to be there for you, so you can live in the light and keep the shadow at bay. 

So what do you say? Should we do this? Take my hand. I’ll show you the way.

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