Laurel at her laptop

In the digital nomad community, you meet tons of coaches. I must admit that I, myself, didn’t always have a great opinion of coaches. I felt like they were a dime a dozen and I’ve met some who really aren’t that qualified to do what they do. However, as the world emerges from the most harrowing year in recent history, I believe now, more than ever, we each need a coach or two. 

Technically, anyone can call herself a coach. There is no governing body requiring certification or accreditation for coaches. There are training and certification options available, but in order to start working with clients, none of this education is necessary. With that said, I believe a coach should always be learning new theories and techniques and accumulating more resources and tools to help their clients overcome whatever obstacles they face. Coaches play an important role in guiding their clients toward a better life, and while they’re helping their clients improve, they should always be seeking self-improvement as well.

I’ve always had a natural knack for empathy. I am a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and a set of arms when you need a hug. I remember talking a friend out of suicide in middle school, helping a roommate examine her alcoholism and the impact it had on those around her, and a four-year struggle to save my boyfriend from his darkest demons. I will go with you where most people are afraid to go. I will be there as you face your shadow. And then, I’ll help guide you toward the light by asking the right questions and proposing exercises and practices you can use to increase your overall well-being. I spent the past eight years working as an account and project manager for advertising and branding agencies. In this role all I did was set goals and put together plans for their successful completion. This innate talent for holding space and my honed skills in planning and project management provide a solid foundation for my coaching career. My own self-development journey, particularly as it pertains to my struggles with depression, anxiety, self-doubt and burnout uniquely position me in my clients’ shoes. And alongside my life experiences, talent and skills, I’m still furthering my training in every way I can.  

I have completed my NLP Practitioner Certification and am enrolled in the Anthropedia Foundation’s Well-Being Coaching Program. I am also looking into other ways I can bring value to my clients’ lives, including enrollment in an EFT Tapping Training. As I ask my clients to stretch themselves and push harder to be the best they can be, I expect the same of myself. I will not be a dime a dozen coach, but rather a highly trained, highly experienced leader who will bring to you the guidance you need to make real, meaningful change in your life.

We’ve found ourselves in a time when burnout is high, people are reexamining their lives and overwhelmingly feeling empty and unfulfilled. Our fear of change and failure is holding us back from building the life we truly want. Or we just don’t know where to start. I’ve been there and I know countless others who are stuck in this position at the moment.

I could not be more excited to help people overcome this feeling and build a life they don’t need a vacation from. Does this sound like you? If it does, please reach out and let’s see if we can figure out what’s holding you back and start building the life you really want.